Trust and Security

Online Sessions

27 oct. 2020 time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am CET

Session 1: Role of Governments in digital transformation

Government are massively challenged by digitization. Not only do they have to modernize their work mode and the way of interacting with citizens – they are also challenged by “BigTech” influencing the economic environment, business activities and the way of life. In a sustainable networked economy, resilience is key in order to maintain governments’ capabilities – which means that cybersecurity has a central role to secure our networked society. Our panelists will discuss their strategic approaches to cybersecurity – in their role as governments, administrative bodies and as a partner for industry and societal stakeholders alike.

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27 oct. 2020 time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm CET

Session 2: How to secure security in an insecure environment

In order to fulfill the session’s aim “secure security in an insecure environment”, different speakers with wide experience are carefully selected having in focus :

–          The most  important critical infrastructure information sector- ENERGY

–          The role of ENISA – working towards establishment of standards and rules to regulate cyber sector for a better  performance, guaranteeing cyber security to new technologies and services

–          Cybersecurity Industry, challenges to be faced, how it support public sector to protect information etc.

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