Zana Tabaku

CEO at Appdec

Zana Tabaku is a Co-founder & CEO of Appdec and a local tech leading figure who can often be spotted mentoring and inspiring young and talented Kosovar women and girls in the sector of ICT. Among first female entrepreneurs in ICT sector in Kosovo and a person that will as well change the “opinion” for Kosovo young women and their professional orientation and ambition. During this period, has been the main driving force of Appdec by promoting its vision and achieving the company’s mission statement. In 2005, dropped out of University to pursue a software development career and got certified in different Microsoft technologies. In 2009, co-founded “Appdec”, a leading provider of software and services to a select group of public and private sector markets. In 2017, participated in the ‘International Visitor Leadership Program’, only to become a proactive US Department of State alumna. Ever since, has developed a special interest in STEM and education, sharing her expertise with youth and colleagues alike, to help create a more expanded market of skilled ICT professionals in Kosovo. As such, in 2018 became one of the three alumni recipients of the “Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund” award by U.S State Department, ultimately leading to engage as part of the core team of alumni to coordinate the first ‘Junior Geeks’ program the only one selected from Southeast Europe in 2018. Zana’s expertise is invaluable in coordinating the curriculum and tech-related activities of the Junior Geeks 2.0 program, funded by the US Embassy in Kosovo.

Zana is now a third year student in Data Science program in London School of Economics, University of London.