Valentina Radulovic

CEO at DigitalBee Edu

Valentina has started her career in Deutsche Telekom (Crnogorski Telekom) and spent more than 17 years in IT, Network and Technology units, managing and leading numerous teams, projects and eventually being CTIO.

In 2020, Valentina started her entrepreneurship career. She is now CEO of DigitalBee EDU, providing education and trainings to kids and adults in key competencies needed for Digital Era. Withal, Valentina is delivering consultancy services in the area of digitalisation and digital transformation.

Valentina is co-founder, of start-up Flourish (mobile app for efficient development of emotional intelligence) which is internationally supported as well as recognised, and it strides to conquer the world.

Over and above, Valentina’s most valuable role is being mother. She has three girls and she enjoys spending time and growing with them.