Teuta Hyseni

Senior Security Engineer at Microsoft

Teuta Hyseni is Senior Security Engineer at Microsoft, responsible for leading application security projects, assessing potential flaws within applications, and reviewing the application's architecture. Ms. Hyseni started her career as a Software Engineer at Rackspace, then moved to Denim Group where she began working on the cybersecurity side and became fascinated with it.

Ms. Hyseni is committed to educating others outside the industry on security threats and best practices, maximizing the impact of her security expertise through different talks and mentorship programs. In recognition of her efforts, she was Security Champion of the Year finalist in 2018 at the Women in IT Awards. As part of her passion for the tech industry and innovation, Ms. Hyseni and her mentees won first place in the World Blockchain Hackathon at the Blockchain Economic Forum in 2018, a world-class competition. As an advocate for gender diversity, she also has a keen interest in motivating, inspiring, and improving women's participation in the industry.

Furthermore, Ms.Hyseni is contributing author “Tribe of Hackers”, Speaker - Expat Woman 2018, Speaker – “The Future of AI and Cybersecurity” - Women of Silicon Valley 2019, Panelist - Cybersecurity - 25th Annual Women in Technology Summit 2019, Advisory Board - SANS Cloud & DevOps Security Summit 2019, Panelist “Role of AI in Cybersecurity” – AI Ethics 2019, Speaker OWASP Meetup – The Fundamentals of Threat Modeling 2019, “We hack purple" podcast guest with Tanya Janca 2020, Speaker and Panelist at Australian Information Security Association 2021, Keynote Speaker at BSides Prishtina 2022, Keynote Speaker at Girls in ICT 2022. Speaker and Panelist at OSCE Dialogue Academy for Young Women 2022.