Zhuljeta Koci

Principal at secunet Security Networks AG

Zhuljeta Koci has over 20 years of experience in Information Security Management consultancy with governmental organizations, such as the German Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministries. She is currently leading several IT Security projects for the Germany Ministry of Defense and the German Navy.

Zhuljeta has been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as “Audit Team Leader for ISO 27001 Audits” and “Information Security Revisor”. She has acted as both, auditor and revisor, on behalf of the BSI.

Zhuljeta has in-depth knowledge of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI). She has extensively worked in implementing PKI standards within the private sector as well as with various governmental agencies. In the past, she was particularly involved in the development of the vast majority of Certification Service Providers accredited under the German Digital Signature Act. She has profound expertise in the eIDAS Regulation and advises a number of Trust Service Providers on its implementation.

Zhuljeta has graduated in Mathematics from the University of Hamburg and lives in Germany.