Veronica Bocarova

Principal Analyst at Cullen International

Over 15 years of professional experience in the field of electronic communications and media regulation, monitoring and benchmarking regulatory practices at the EU and national level.

Responsible for developing Cullen International’s regulatory training portfolio and has been actively engaged in capacity building initiatives for policymakers and regulators across a wide range of countries.

Contributed as one of the lead authors for a study for the European Commission “Substantive issues of review in the areas of market entry, management of scarce resources and general consumer issues” (SMART 2015/0003).

Director for the European Commission projects “Supply of services in monitoring regulatory and market developments for electronic communications and information society services in Enlargement countries”, SMART 2010/009 (2011– 2014) and SMART 2007/0006 (2008 – 2011) covering Turkey and Western Balkan countries, organising regular industry fora on the application of the European best practices for key stakeholders in the region.

Before joining Cullen International in 2002, Veronica worked for Ericsson business consulting practice in Stockholm.