Udo Eichlinger

CEO at Siemens Serbia

Mr. Eichlinger has almost 25 years of experience as executive in Siemens AG in different divisions and business units in Germany, Asia Pacific and Central Eastern Europe.

Originally coming from the IT/Telco Business, his last assignment before being appointed to lead Siemens Serbia, was in Frankfurt/Germany, where he established a management consulting arm for Energy Efficiency Master Plans for Corporate and Public Clients. He was appointed as CEO of Siemens Serbia in 2015 and has given special emphasized in his work for to the concept of Industry 4.0. and bringing the Siemens customers in the new era of manufacturing and digitalization. He likes to drive strategic change initiatives, learn everyday something new and is trilled to take challenges and turn them to success stories.

He is married to Jelena and has one son Luka.