Srdjan Jovanovic

Head of Engineering at HTEC Group and CTO at Humeds

Srdjan Jovanovic is Head of Engineering at HTEC Group, where he was involved into numerous projects spanning through various verticals and involving clients like Intel, Qualcomm, IBM and similar. At the same time, he is CTO of HTEC Group’s medical spin-off named Humeds, where he leads the team of engineers that produced CE marked novel 3-lead dry electrodes ECG mobile recorder together with the proprietary algorithms for detection of arrhythmias, awarded by the MIT.

From years 2007-2012 Srdjan was the Head of R&D of German medical devices company, where he successfully led the development of high end CE marked medical devices.

Srdjan was managing electronics course at Petnica Science Center, and participating in education of gifted young students from the year 1999. He is proficient with complex DSP algorithms, AI, custom electronics engineering and embedded systems design, etc.