Solza Kovachevska

State Advisor for Information Systems and Technologies at Ministry of Information Society and Administration, North Macedonia

Solza Kovachevska is State Advisor for Information Systems and Technologies – Ministry of Information of North Macedonia. Previously worked in ICT, personal data protection, risk management, business continuity and information security in the private insurance sector. Chevening/Cranfield University cybersecurity fellow 2018/2019.

She specializes in drafting horizontal law and policy that focuses on electronic identification, trust services, and network and information security. Part of the core team that created the first National Cybersecurity Strategy and Action Plan of the Republic of North Macedonia in 2018, she is now engaged in its implementation. With her main interests being privacy, freedom of information, and information security, she is working to build up the security of government and citizen data systems, with a particular emphasis on Critical Information Infrastructure protection.