Radovan Jovanovic

R&D at Uniplast

Radovan Jovanovic was born in 1982 in Cacak, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade. Since 2008 he has been employed in Uniplast, a private family company, first as sales manager (2008-2012) and from 2012 as financial director. Mr Jovanovic is also in charge of R&D unit. Under his leaderships several new innovative products were developed which boost company’s annual growth to 20-30%. In 2017, the company received a subvention for the development of Active Pharmaceutical Packaging from the Innovation Fund of Republic of Serbia. Mr Jovanovic participated in the implementation of five standards and the CE mark. In the last three years, Mr. Jovanovic and his team implemented corporate management in Uniplast.

From September 2017 he is the chairman of the Science and technology park Cacak Assembly. Science and technology park Cacak was founded by 3 academic institutions (2 faculties and 1 institute), the city of Cacak and 2 business associations. Radovan is acting as a link between academic institutions and business associations. He was a member of the team that won the Business Chamber Award of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in 2018.