Predrag Tadic

Ass. Professor of Signals and Systems Department School at Electrical Engineering University of Belgrade

Predrag Tadic teaches courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the School of Electrical Engineering (University of Belgrade). He graduated in the field of Robust Control (2005) and did his magister studies on Speech Processing (2009). The main focus of his Ph.D. studies was Fault Diagnosis (2015). After graduating, his research centered around automatic control and fault diagnosis in thermal power plants. He also developed simulators, autopilots and inertial navigation systems for guided missiles and autonomous helicopters. More recently, his focus has shifted towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with several ongoing projects related to applications in finance, medicine, and computer vision. He attended DeepMind’s Transylvanian Machine Learning Summer School in 2018 and is an active member of the Machine Learning and Applications group of researchers and enthusiasts and a member of the organizing team for Microsoft’s PSIML Machine Learning Summer School in Petnica.