Pavle Zelic

Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia - International Cooperation, EU Integrations and Communications Manager

Pavle Zelic, MSc.Pharm. has a master’s degree in pharmacy at Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade University in 2005, and he has also completed the Diplomatic academy at the Ministry of foreign affairs of Republic of Serbia as valedictorian for generation 2010/2011. Since 2009, he holds the position of International Cooperation, European Integration and Public Relations Manager in Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia – ALIMS. He is responsible for initiating and carrying out more the ten international cooperation agreements with other national regulatory authorities, and more than 20 international projects in the scope of cooperation with EU authorities, World Health Organization, Council of Europe and others. He is chair of several committees of European directorate of quality of medicines and healthcare, representative of Serbia in international bodies and frequent speaker on major conferences and events. He organizes cooperation with stakeholders in Serbia, and handles all media and public relations for ALIMS.