Nemanja Djordjevic

Programme Director in Education at Digital Serbia Initiative

Nemanja is Programme Director – Education at the Digital Serbia Initiative (DSI). This non-governmental non-profit organisation, currently gathering over 25 organisations and companies from various industry sectors, advocates digital transformation of Serbia. DSI views education as the key and uniting force that will ensure development of the society based on contemporary knowledge and skills.

Nemanja studied mathematics and painting. He was the Programme Co-ordinator at Belgrade Science Festival, author of an open-air permanent exhibition Science Park in Belgrade and creator of the Science Centre at the Museum of Science and Technology. He co-ordinated the Mathematics and International Programmes at Petnica Science Centre, worked as a Special Advisor at the Serbian Ministry of Education and led the work of the publicly funded Centre for the Promotion of Science. Prior to joining the Digital Serbia Initiative, Nemanja founded a legal tech startup that developed remote notarisation software.