Nebojsa Lapcevic

Membership Expert/Head of Sales and Marketing at SEEPEX AD

Nebojsa Lapcevic has graduated on Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1998 (Power Systems) and obtained Magister degree in 2002 (Telecommunications). From 1999 he worked in EPI (Energy Consulting Company), EPS (Serbian Power Production co.) and EMS (Serbian TSO – Corporate IT Director and Expert for the electricity market). Last four years he is employed in SEEPEX (Serbian Power Exchange). Has an experience with real time control of EES (Energy Electricity System) in Serbia and all Market issues. He was a leader (Project Managers Supervisor) of successful implementation of SAP ERP system in JP EMS (1,4 mil Euros budget). Also was a Project manager for Virtualization of network infrastructure at JP EMS and Project manager for Establishment of a New Optical network (OPGW) in Serbia. Has a lot of experience in IT business, Balancing market and Power market fields. Winner of the award for the most important report “The concept of establishing the electricity exchange in Serbia” (CIGRE 2009). Member of the European (ENTSO-E) Group for Research and Development Plan in the field of Energy. Currently he works as SEEPEX Head of Sales and Marketing.