Milan Dobrijevic

Head of Department for Digital Agenda Development in Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications

Milan Dobrijevic was born in Belgrade on 22nd of June 1977. Graduated as Master of Science at Computer Science Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of University of Belgrade.

Dec. 2012 – Present day: Head of Department for Information Society and later Head of Department for Digital Agenda Development in Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Government of Republic of Serbia. He helps deputy minister coordinate and manage all key information technology related projects in the Ministry. Milan also helps with development of innovative project ideas and promote wide scale digitalization of Serbian administration and society. He successfully managed many projects in the field of e-government, broadband networks, education ICT infrastructure, e-business and e-commerce etc. Milan also participated in different technology and electronic business related legislation preparation and has thorough experience in public administration reform processes.

July. 2012. – Present day: Chairman of the Board of Academic Network of Republic of Serbia – institution that provides information and communication infrastructure for more than 2.000 institutions of education, science and culture in Serbia including practically all government owned schools and faculties.

June 2011. – Dec. 2012: Assistant Director for Information Technologies in Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance and project manager on one of the largest IT public administration projects in Serbia that resulted with establishment of Central registry.