Mihailo Vesovic

Advisor to the President at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS)

Mihailo Vesovic was born on 3 May 1972, in Belgrade. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Belgrade with MSc in Industrial Engineering.

He was a Secretary of the Association of Metal and Electric Power Industry in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS), then he was on the position of Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Economy and Privatization, and in the Ministry of Trade and Services. After that, he was a CCIS Vice President in charge of international economic relations, Director of the CCIS Centre for Innovations, and CCIS Deputy General Manager. Currently, he is an Adviser to CCIS President, in charge of issues relating to digital transformation of the economy.

He participated in the creation of the first Cluster Development Support Programme; he organized participation of Serbian companies in a large number of international fairs; he headed numerous international trade missions; he was Deputy Co-chair of the Serbia – Russia Joint Committee; he was President of the National Oil Committee Assembly; he participated in the implementation of a large number of international projects of the EU and World Bank; he is certified Mediator in business disputes; and he was a Coordinator in several Best of Serbia Campaigns.

Currently his main responsibility is development of the Centre for Digital Transformation. He is also involved in process of drafting a Strategy for Smart Specialization and Industrial Policy of Serbia. His mission is to bring closer business and scientific community through activities of the Council for Cooperation of Business and Science.