Marko Mandic

Head of Sales for Business and Public Solutions at S&T Serbia

Marko Mandić is the Head of sales for business and public solutions at S&T Serbia. His areas of interests and expertise are eGoverment, business analysis, application software development, digitalization generally, but also enterprise resource planning systems (e.g. SAP, Infor) – and their application both in private and public sector.

He has graduated and received his master’s degree from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. In his previous career he has worked as an Advisor in Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, but also acted as the Assistant director of National Information Technology and Internet Agency – having knowledge of the eGoverment System from both sides.  

Among other fields of expertise, he has substantial knowledge of digital agriculture, as he is involved in implementation of Rural development IT solution for authorization and control of commitments, payments, business, reporting and document management system in the Republic of Serbia.