Lawrence Kay

Senior Policy Advisor at Open Data Institute

Lawrence is an international policy economist, specializing in the micro foundations of economic growth. He has advised governments around the world on private sector development and innovation strategy, designing policy models that boost market dynamism, increase productivity, and raise cross-border trade.    At the Open Data Institute, Lawrence leads several projects on the economic applications of open data. One of his projects is on the potential for agent-based modelling to help policy-makers better understand the causes and effects of their interventions, applied to data portability. Another of his projects is on data-enabled digital trade, and how governments might be able to boost economic growth through ethical treatment of data that allows it to be used across borders.  Lawrence worked at the World Bank in Moscow and was part of efforts to institutionalize Russia’s post-Soviet market liberalization. He worked with internationally recognized research   economists to understand the nature of firm growth and market dominance in the Russian   economy, advising on competition and anti-monopoly reforms; and worked with ministers on  how to foster innovation and market dynamism in a low-trust environment with weak contract enforcement