Jelena Miletic

Consultant in Public Sector

Jelena Miletic has over 10-year experience in project and policy cycle management, with specialisation in impact assessment, M&E of programmes and projects in public administration reform sector, including service delivery. She also has extensive knowledge of EU-funded programmes, extensive knowledge of IPA II financial assistance and programming in Serbia and the region. Jelena has a comprehensive experience in strategic planning and management proven through developing strategies and corresponding action plans for state ministries and local authorities in Serbia. So far, she conducted various analysis and studies in public administration issues, including the regional ReSPA study on public service delivery for Serbia and Montenegro, covering the e-government and digitalization of services. Jelena has a solid track record in moderating and facilitating various training events, panel discussions and conferences.

Furthermore, she has experience in working as a consultant on various PAR related international projects, some of the most relevant being the engagement on the EU PPF5 Senior Expert for PAR and Justice Sectors, UNDP Functional Review/Public Administration Specialist, and others (SIDA, GIZ, SIPU, USAID, etc.).