Ivana Kostic

Co-Founder of Health Tech Lab

Ivana Kostić is the Co-Founder of Health Tech Lab, created for making an impact in the local ecosystem after her initiation and organization of the 1st MIT Medical hackathon in Belgrade in partnership with MIT hacking medicine. She is also the Technology Transfer Associate at the Innovation Fund and MASHAV alumni.

Ivana earned her PhD degree from the MIT Portugal Program / Bioengineering Systems, where her work was coordinated between two labs, one in Portugal – -Biomaterials & Stem Cell-based Therapeutics Lab- and Karp Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital together with Boston Children’s Hospital and MIT. These joint efforts were oriented towards developing minimally-invasive and more effective therapies for ischemic organs. The collaboration is still ongoing.

Her initial interest in this area was sparked by Physiology studies at the University of Belgrade and an additional rich practical knowledge gained through the IAESTE internship at UFV in Viçosa, Brazil in 2008 and the First BSRT Summer School of Regenerative Medicine in Berlin, 2009.