Ivan Jovetic

Entrepreneur and Researcher

Ivan Jovetic is an entrepreneur and researcher.

Mr. Jovetic holds MSci degree from “Entrepreneurial Economy” Postgraduate Studies and is PhD candidate at the PhD Studies “International Economy” at the UDG.

Ivan Jovetic has co-founded MSI INVEST Ltd. in 2006. through which he has been executing his own and his partners’ entrepreneurial ideas. Mr. Jovetic has acted as Company’s CEO between 2016 and 2018. Company has been involved in several sectors.

Since 2007 he has been working at the UDG – Faculty for International Economy, Finance and Business as a Teaching Fellow. Since 2013 has also been acting as Vice-Dean at the UDG – Faculty for Sports Management.

Mr. Jovetic is co-founder of MEBAN (Montenegrin Business Angels Network) as well as WBAF (World Business Angels Investment Forum) High Commissioner for Montenegro. He is also WBAF International Academic Committee member.  He is EBAN’s Assembly member as well as EBAN CEE Committee member.

He has also been working at the Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses since 2005 where he has been involved in and led numerous national and European projects. Mr. Jovetic has been Vice President of the Board of Euro-Atlantic Club of Montenegro from 2006 till 2009. He has also been Executive Director of Centre for European Education and Studies an ECSA World member. In addition, he is member of the two Working Groups for negotiations with the European Union.

In 2018. Mr. Jovetic has been elected as President of the Council of RTCG (National broadcasting company comprehending television channels, radio channels as well as Internet portal).

Mr. Jovetic’s fields of interest can be divided into three categories: (i) entrepreneurial (comprehending tourism & hotels, property management, education and technology), (ii) research/academic (comprehending cyber security, defense economy, technology, EU, NATO) and (iii) startups and angel investments.

Ivan Jovetic is member of Society of Economists and Managers of Montenegro.