Ivan Bjelajac

Chief Executive Officer at MVP Workshop

Ivan has been a part of Tech Industry since he was 19 years old, either as a System Engineer, Tech Executive or a company Founder. For six years, he helped build Devana Technologies, whose Manage WP software was acquired by GoDaddy, the world’s number one domain registrar, and one of the biggest hosting companies in the world. Ivan co-founded MVP Workshop, specialized in both consultancy and R&D related to emerging Blockchain technologies.

With his team, Ivan is currently working on a number of projects that are implementing Blockchain solutions in a wide range of industries.

In March 2018, MVP Workshop successfully executed Celsius Networks’ ICO which raised $50 Million. As an Advisory Board Member at Celsius Network, Ivan is working together with his team on a Blockchain powered lending and borrowing platform that aims to replace big banks and futures exchanges, like the CME and CBOT, with crypto coin holders who will earn returns through lending.

Ivan is also working on making Serbia a top Blockchain project destination. He is the Co-founder and the President of Serbian Blockchain Initiative (SBI) – the industry network for businesses implementing Blockchain solutions. Along with other SBI members, he is helping to understand the Blockchain technology potential, share best practice and engage with government and regulatory stakeholders.

With a long and successful entrepreneurship history, Ivan is also a startup mentor at Founder Institute, StartIT Startup Academy, ICT Hub and EKOF Startup Centar.