Edin Saracevic

Founder and CEO at Hub387

Edin Charlie Saracevic is serial entrepreneur with his first Internet startup dating back in 1999. During his extensive carrier, he mastered building multiple successful B2B and B2C online businesses from ground up, pioneering in web based location mapping, geo referenced content delivery, big data analysis, personal data applications and web based security sharing.

In October 2013 he started his project HUB387. This was first technology park in Sarajevo, envisioned as a new generation of work environment fostering new methods of building vibrant and collaborative IT community. As part of HUB387 he established NEST71, first co-working office space and soon after he founded ACADEMY387, first open educational platform offering range of intense expert courses covering different topics, skill-sets and know-hows. Today, HUB387 is community of more then 20+ IT companies and more then 300+ engineers collocated in one place. NEST71 became startup incubator producing several successful startups: balkanvibe.com (first regional portal for tour booking) and bookvar.co (first e-learning platform) and HaBEEtat (first integrated smart beehive).