Drago Indjic

Director of Richfox Trinity BV alternative investment fund

Drago Indjic is a co-founder of several European tech startups, director of Richfox Trinity BV alternative investment fund in Amsterdam and Oxquant consulting firm in Oxford.

His investment career started in 1993 and includes diverse, mostly quantitative roles in various hedge funds, a sovereign wealth fund (Kuwait), family office (Fauchier) and a robo-investor ETFmatic, where he has engineered a fully digital investment process that is today managing personalized portfolios for over 200 thousand clients across the EU.

He is a graduate of the School of Electrical Engineering Belgrade and holds a PhD from the Imperial College London. Drago has been managing Hedge Fund Center at London Business School and continued being involved in teaching over the last 15 years. He is an EU expert for fintech and machine learning, currently working for Horizon 2020 program and remains interested in various forms of regional cooperation, from training and corporate governance to investments.

Drago enjoys social networks mostly because he worked at Radio Belgrade 2 in 1980s.  He is married to a fellow Petnica participant from Belgrade and has two daughters and two citizenships.