Dejan Markovic

Director of Schneider Electric Srbija d.o.o.

Dejan Markovic has been working in Schneider Electric Company since 2006, where he managed various projects, both in Serbia and in France. Upon his return from Grenoble, he took over management of projects in the field of oil and gas, as well as production of electricity within the company’s operation at the territories of Serbia and Montenegro. Since November 2010, he has been part of the Company’s management, first as a Manager for retail business, and since August 2012 as a Manager of the Energy Department. He has served as the General Manager of Schneider Electric since 2016.

Values that he strives to achieve are those cherished at home, which he took from his family: education; work; respect and honour. Also, he has endless belief in the power of not giving up and in hard-work, even at most difficult times, because only at those times results must be achieved sooner or later.