Anastas Mishev

Associated Professor at Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering at North Macedonia

Anastas Mishev, PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at UKIM – obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2009. The focus of his research is e-infrastructures for collaborative computing and research, primarily Grid and High-Performance Computing systems. His aim is to get these systems closer to all potential users, mainly the research communities, in order to fully use their enormous potential. He researched in the areas of computer architectures and networks, software engineering, Internet technologies and e-learning, and is co-author of over 80 scientific papers published in international journals and proceedings of conferences. He has participated in the implementation of over 50 international projects targeting the development of  e-infrastructures, networking and their applications. He has been a collaborator with the National Research and Education Network-MARNET for many years and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of MARNET. In his current engagement in the GEANT GN4_3 project, he is working on supporting the emerging NRENs in the Western Balkan region.