Irena Chaushevska

CEO, Co-Founder and Investor at Next Billionaires Capital

Irena is experienced professional in Finance, Talent and Corporate Law with over 16 years experience across USA and Europe. She is running the startup Next Billionaires Capital (FinTech), the Business Accelerator NewMan’s and takes selected speaking and mentoring engagements including guest lectures at Stanford University. She started her career as 19 years old in the Macedonian Army and the Cabinet of the President of Macedonia while studying to become a Lawyer.

After winning her Master degree in Business and Marketing from an UK University she fully entered the business sector and for 8 years was engaged at C-level positions in technology, software and financial corporations before launching her own businesses. 5 years ago Chaushevska founded the first Accelerator in the country and a Career Development Academy and became one of the initiators and drivers of the startup community in Central and Eastern Europe.

She was selected as Women Entrepreneurial Leader for 2014 by International Council for Small Business with HQ in Washington DC.

Irena is pursuing the Quantitative Methods in Finance Professional course at Stanford School of Engineering. Irena is Alumni of the Global Startups Program at Singularity University, Silicon Valley, USA and a U.S. Department of State German Marshall Fund 2017 YTILI Fellow.

She likes to bring together knowledge and experience from different but complementary areas in creating new products. When she was little she loved to build mechanical toys in her grandfather’s garage.

Irena also holds the licence for Silicon Valley and 12 cities in Central and Eastern Europe for the biggest competition in the world for space innovations “International Space Apps Challenge” organised by NASA (190 locations/2500+ teams/25000 participants/year) and for CNES/ESA’s “Act in Space” startups competition in USA.

Irena now splits her time between Los Angeles, San Francisco and Macedonia. Loves space, horse-back riding and flying sport airplanes.