Armin Talic

General Manager at Bit Alliance

Armin Talic is creative re:thinker and transdisciplinary strategist with strong passion for strategic planning and a leader implementing complex projects leading teams and organizations.

Currently he works as the General Manager at Bit Alliance, the leading association of 58 software industry companies that are export oriented, recording 50 million KM worth of export only in 2015 and employing more than 2800 staff members in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He was Chairman of Organizing Committee of the CEO Conference at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo, where he oversees 215 organizations, 121 speakers, 25 sponsors, 30 companies, 20 faculties, 20 non-governmental organizations, and 120 media agencies in 4 countries.

During last decade he was working at University of Sarajevo School of Economics and business as associate for developing e-learning courses. He is also an e-learning specialist for clients ranging from the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, several UNDP programs, BH Telecom, M:tel, Sparkase, Intesa, etc.

He has extensive experience in project management and human resources, having organized over a dozen conferences at various universities in the Western Balkans. Armin has written and contributed to several publications in EU and USA. He graduated with the highest honors from his B.A. in economics from the University of Sarajevo.