Nikola Jovanovic

Nikola Jovanovic

Consultant for personal, team and organizational development

Nikola has 18 years of experience in all three sectors, mostly in HR, communication and IT. He is an accredited Human Synergistics ( consultant for personal, team and organizational development and accredited Hofstede Methodology ( consultant for organizational culture.

In the last 5 years, he is also an active researcher of HR practices in global corporations. His work includes several important HR research projects covering 100+ companies globally, on topics such are Talent Management, Leadership & Management Development, connections between Business and People strategies, Corporate Universities, E-learning, Organizational Culture etc.

One of Nikola’s biggest passions is learning. After several years of doing his best to adapt to the system and graduate, he decided to drop out of university and keep learning what he actually likes and feels it’s good for him. He believes that was the best decision ever and that he learned more about business from his startup fail than he would ever learn in school. He often writes about all these topics on his blog ( and Linkedin (

Nikola is a 2 times TEDx speaker. In his first TEDx speech, he spoke about social entrepreneurship and in his second one about formal education system reforms. In his Digital Talks speech, Nikola will build on that and share his thoughts on the learning needs of his 3 years old son in the years to come, having in mind the digital revolution we are witnessing and the discrepancy in business and formal education system development.