Dorina Çinari

Dorina Çinari

Deputy Minister

Mrs. Dorina Çinari was born in Durrës (Albania) on 25 February 1970.She is married and has two children: Ermbarin and Amblën. In 1988-1992 she completed her university studies at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and graduated in Electronic Engineering. She holds a  Master in Business Administration from UNY Tirana and IUKB Switzerland. Mrs. Cinari has conducted various training in the field of Good Governance of Natural Resources, Global Energy and Sustainable Development from Columbia University, NY and Houston University, Texas, and the International Leadership Program from the US State Department.

Mrs. Çinari has experience in energy and telecommunications and has worked in the Private Sector, government, as well as many Development Programs with International Institutions.

She started her career at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1993, as the leader of the first Laboratory of Technology. From 1996 to 2001 she worked at AEDP – SOROS as Program Manager for the development of school infrastructure. In 2001-2005 she worked at the Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) as the Director of the Project Coordination Infrastructure Unit in the GSM.Mrs. Çinari was later engaged with Volving – Volvo Construction Equipment as Operations Director. In 2011 she was the Customer Care Director at the Energy Distribution Operator – CEZ Shpërndarje, as Customer Care Director. During her stay at CEZ Shpërndarje the first network of 46 Care Centers was built under the Customers with one-stop-shop concept across Albania.

From 2014, Mrs.Çinari addressed the National Secretariat for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, as part of Albania’s commitment to the international organization EITI International, with a special contribution to the promotion of Albania in the international agenda EITI, through her role as Chair of the Group International Labor Organization for Implementing Member States EITI.

Mrs. Çinari is fluent in English and Italian.