Presented conclusions from Western Balkans Digital Summit

Apr 19, 2018 | Press Release


Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov held a press conference, conveying the messages and conclusions derived from the First Western Balkans Digital Summit.

“For us as hosts, it is a great pleasure and pride that this event was positively welcomed by all the participants and the entire international community. I’m sure we have managed to organize an event that would serve as a great example for the organizers of the next Digital Summit. These two days we’ve heard many new ideas, exchanged experiences, discussed and agreed on joint projects. We have defined the common goals for digital transformation of the region together with the representatives of the Western Balkan countries, businesses, and academia” said Minister Manchevski.

He referred to concrete conclusions that all Western Balkan countries have committed to.

“We are prepared to work and take advantage of opportunities. We have promised that we will work to reduce roaming prices in the region and with the EU. We made a commitment to improve access to broadband, as well as to monitor the implementation of WiFi4EU in EU member states, in order to be ready for future deployment of the same in Western Balkan. We expressed readiness to actively recognize digital certificates and facilitate cross-border confidential services. Together, we will work on cyber security and implementation of Network and Information Security Directive (NIS). We have agreed to create policies for ICT education and certification of all population groups, as well as a commitment to improve digital skills. We will increase the regional collaboration in the area of start-ups, and by exchanging experiences, we will create Technology Parks that meet the criteria set in the EU”, informed Minister Manchevski.

Minister Dimitrov expressed his gratitude to all supporters of the idea to organize the first Digital Summit in Skopje.

“The Summit Agenda is part of EU’s strategy, and the upcoming Summit in Sofia will bring together the region’s efforts for its approximation to the European Union,” said Dimitrov.

The press conference was preceded by a round table attended by ministers and heads of delegations from Western Balkan countries and the EU, where they defined the conclusions presented at the conference.

Read the full text of the conclusions.