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On the sidelines of the third day of the Western Balkans Digital Summit, she said that they are proud to be the partner of this event for the fourth time. 
“The most successful story at this Summit is that the region is thinking and trying to complete the story of digital transformation, the digital agenda. When it comes to another important story, it is important to point out the cancellation of the roaming tariffs, which enabled citizens to save money, but also not to have additional costs when communicating with each other. Roaming at home, the Program that has been adopted, is the first step of the process,” Bregu said. 
She reminded that the digital agenda was accepted and signed during the Digital Summit in Belgrade. 
“We have been promised that when this becomes a reality for the Western Balkans, that moment will mark the beginning of the construction of a roadmap for lowering prices and tariffs between the countries of the Western Balkans and the EU,” Bregu said. 
According to her, the RCC has prepared a good strategy and roadmap, estimating that this will pave the way to the moment when we will achieve the first reduction of roaming prices between the countries of the Western Balkans and the EU. 
“It is a challenging process, because we have a combination of great desire and need of the citizens of the region to reduce prices. I don’t think there is any market logic as to why the citizens of the Western Balkans should pay EUR 103 per gigabyte while visiting a European country, and with telecom operators the costs are only eight euros. We will work hard to achieve this objective and we hope that we will yield the first results in five years,” Bregu said. 
She stressed the importance of establishing a broadband network, as well as trust-based electronic services that include free data flow. 
“In times of crisis, like the months behind us, we are all aware of how important this is. So the digital identity of the citizens of the Western Balkans is a process we launched a few months ago. I think that this will be the next step, and if the economies of the Western Balkans really want this to happen, we from the RCC are committed to providing our support,” Bregu said. 
She told the citizens, if they face problems while traveling in the region, and the cancellation of roaming, which has been in force since 1 July, does not work, to ask for clarification from the competent authorities. 
“Our role is not to monitor the implementation of this Program,” Bregu explained. 
2021 Western Balkans Digital Summit is being held as part of the Berlin Process and as an initiative of the Regional Cooperation Council, and the importance of the Summit has been reaffirmed through the new four-year action plan 2021-2024, for the Common Regional Market (CRM). 
The host and organizer of this year's Summit is the Ministry of Public Administration of Digital Society and Media on behalf of the Government of Montenegro, while the general sponsor is the company M:TEL 

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