Admin June 25, 2021

Roaming free for countries of the region in the region from 1 July

The operationalisation of the regional roaming agreement is a signal of strong regional cooperation and integration of the Western Balkans. It directly affects the cooperation among countries, communication between citizens, the digital transformation of the region, and the development of the digital society.

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Admin June 04, 2021

Invitation for sponsoring/donation of organisation or individual for organising the IV Digital Summit

Montenegro will host the fourth Digital Summit of Western Balkan Economies (WB6).
The summit will bring together the representatives of high-level regional governments, the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council, the business community, civil society organisations and relevant stakeholders.

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Admin May 29, 2021

Six winning ideas from the Western Balkans awarded at Balkathon 2.0

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) presented the winners of the second online competition in the Western Balkans for the best digital solutions BALKATHON 2.0. 

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Admin May 11, 2021

Second Balkathon of the Western Balkan Economies

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) has officially launched a regional internet competition event this year as well - Balkathon. This year’s Balkathon is a new opportunity to promote smart digital solutions and networking at the regional level.

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Admin April 06, 2021

Montenegro will host the 4th Digital Summit of the Western Balkans Economies

Montenegro will host the 4th  Digital Summit of the Western Balkans Economies (WB6). According to the Regional Market Action Plan (CRM AP), adopted in November 2020 as part of the Berlin Process, the Digital Summit will be held in a hybrid format this year, in online sessions and live meetingVs at the highest level.

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