Network and Services Connectivity

Online Sessions

26 oct. 2020 time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am CET

Session 1: Digital Connectivity for Digital Transformation in WB6 the impact of Covid-19

Moderator: Mr. David Ringrose, Head of International Affairs, DG CONNECT
Ms. Nives Sandri, Mr. Sc EE., Managing Director, Nokia Affiliates in Croatia and North Macedonia, Zagreb, Supplier of Network Components
Mr. Achilleas Kanaris, CEO Vodafone Albania
Mr. Nikola Ljushev, CEO Makedonski Telekom
Dr. Ulrich Nitchke, Member of the Manging Board at atene KOM
Ms. Doreen BogdanMartin, Director of Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU
Mr. Etjen Xhafaj, Deputy Minister Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Albania

This session, was moderated by Mr. David Ringrose, from DG Connect, and was focused on digital connectivity that is crucial for all other digital integration developments and it impacts all sectors of the economy. This panel discussed the current technological developments and the future plans, changes and challenges from different perspectives. This panel also discussed the importance of resilient digital infrastructures, for fighting the digital divide and shared companies experience during Covid-19.

During this session we had excellent set of presentation from different stakeholders Ms. Nives Sandri from Nokia Affiliates in Croatia and North Macedonia, Mr. Achilleas Kanaris, CEO Vodafone Albania, Mr. Nikola Ljushev, CEO of Makedonski Telekom, Dr. Ulrich Nitchke from Atene KOM, Ms. Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of Telecommunication Development Bureau of ITU and Mr. Etjen Xhafaj, deputy minister of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania.

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26 oct. 2020 time:11:30 am – 12:30 pm CET

Session 2: Digital Connectivity-Key measures for the countries to attract investment

Moderator: Mr. Mark Vasic, Deutsche Telekom
Ms. Natalija Gelvanovska, World Bank Digital Balkan Highway
Ms. Ersida Docaj, EBRD Senior Banker | Banking – Information & Communication Technologies
Mr. Denis Benoit, European Investment Bank (EIB) Senior Economist at the Projects Directorate
Dr. Peter Veil, Vice President Strategic Finance Europe, Deutsche Telekom
Ms. Fiolla Restelica, Presantation Kode Project
Mr. Omer Kuyucu, Commercial Officer of ALBtelecom, Albania

Mr. Mark Vasic, from Deutsche Telekom, moderate session 2 for Digital Connectivity during which the representatives of international financial institutions, EC, governments and industry discussed the essential measures to attract investment for WB6, in building the digital infrastructure for the future. As demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, digital connectivity was a vital necessity for citizens and businesses. Mr. Vasic made some questions for the panelists to exchange ideas as below:

  1. Why do we need investment in the digital connectivity infrastructure?
  2. Why are investments in digital infrastructure so important for the region?
  3. What should we do to have more investments in the region in this field?

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