“Mayors of the WB6 capitals” round table

Date: 02.11.2020                 Time: 09:00 – 10:00


Event: Western Balkans Digital Summit Tirana 2020

Session theme: “The sustainable city: designing, building and governing the Smart City”

The format is an online discussion (1hour) led by a moderator.
The panelists are briefly introduced by the moderator.
This is followed by the panelists’ speeches or presentations in alphabetic order

o Introduction from the Moderator, Mr. Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana

o Mayor of Belgrade, Mr. Zoran Radojičić
o Mayor of Podgorica, Mr. Ivan Vuković
o Mayor of Prishtina, Mr. Shpend Ahmeti
o Mayor of Sarajevo, Mr. Abdulah Skaka
o Mayor of Skopje, Mr. Petre Shilegov

Working language: English