From the Digital Talks Panel: Digitalization is a Journey, Not a Destination

Apr 25, 2018 | Press Release

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At the end of the first day, at the end of part of the “Digital Summit of the Western Balkan countries”, attended by members of Governments of the Western Balkans countries, representatives of the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council, representatives of the IT industry and the business sector, as well as representatives of the academic community and the youth, additional events such as the “Digital Talks” Panel were organized, as an open session on various topics in the field of digitalization for all interested participants.

The participants at this Panel discussed the need of following the latest trends and tactics in digitization, as more and more social interactions, behaviors, decisions, opinions, and transactions are digitized and mediated by online platforms.

One third of the skills needed today will no longer be useful in a few years, and digital learning will become digital living in the future, said Ana Alibegova, Program Director of MladiForm International, emphasizing that digital tools are constantly used to transform the lives of young people.

Stefana Karevska, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, EY Germany, put an emphasis on 3D printing in her address, stressing that this technology gives full freedom both in the design of products, and the production itself. This technology has an application in industrial production, but more and more in medicine as well. She concluded that countries must begin to benefit from the wide range of digital opportunities and skills, emphasizing that the education system should be given the most attention.

Nikola Jovanovic from Serbia, Consultant for personal, team and organizational development, also emphasized the need for efficient educational programs for the Internet, digital technologies and communications. He focused his attention on the fact that currently the educational system is directed exclusively to procedures, and not to the pupils/students, and that curricula are slow and obsolete. His final conclusion was that educational programs must be updated with useful, realistic digital skills.

During the debate at this Panel, Linda Shomo, founder and CEO at EasyPay, stressed that the Balkan countries should implement high-level strategic solutions in order to create effective digital financial and banking services and that digitalization is a journey, not a destination.

The talks on this topic, looking for answers to the questions that are important for people with new perspectives and management ideas, understanding of the digital economy and its impact on contemporary societies, were joined by Artionia Boggo from Albania, Business Development Manager for Blockchain in SAP, Gorjan Jovanovski, Front End Developer @ and Nina Angelovska, co-founder and CEO at and co-founder of

Artiona Bogo referred to block chain technology, stressing that this technology is here to help democratize society and distribute the power of more users without central control.

In addition, Gorjan Jovanovski, creator of the “My Air” application, disclosed that vast amounts of digital data are collected daily. He concluded that if these data start to be massively used, they can be transformed into useful information, which could further improve the lives of citizens.

Finally, Nina Angelovska, co-founder and executive director of the web-site, emphasized that the development of e-commerce in the Republic of Macedonia is slow and followed by a lot of challenges, but regardless, social networks are the key to increasing electronic commerce and increasing purchases by consumers.