Digital Skills

Online Sessions

26 oct. 2020 time: 13:30 pm – 14:30 pm CET

Session 1: Policies for Digital Skills in 21-st century

Moderator: Ms. Dajna Sorensen, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy, Albania
Mrs. Mila Carovska, Minister, Ministry of Science and Education, North Macedonia
Ms. Tatjana Matic, State Secretary Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Serbia
Mrs. Arijana Vučinić, Director General of the Directorate for Preschool, Primary and Inclusive Education, Montenegro
Mr. Emir Žunić, Representative of Private Sector, IT company: Info Studio, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ms. Alborita Mehana, Project Coordinator at MASTER WiZR
Mr. Jason Ivory, Deputy Head of Mission, MBE
Mr. Rok Kvaternik, CEO Ernst Klett Publishers, Region Eastern Europe & Baltics
Ms. Albana Shkurta, Managing Director for the branch of Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Albania

The need to possess digital skills, from basic to advanced, has proliferated further due to rapid digitalization and spread of new technologies. A holistic approach in addressing upskilling through multi-faceted regional interventions, including policy formulation and preparation of long-term strategic framework(s), formalisation of long-term strategic alliances among policy makers, private sector, academia and international partners, introduction of tailor made actions and interventions based on market needs, regional initiatives to enable digital skill upscaling at large should be formalized. Adoption of digital skill strategies in line with EU model is necessity for our entire region. It is important to bring out the need to review and increase the investment in the digital skills of WB6 citizens, and most importantly youth, with focus on increasing their opportunities and transform their ideas into innovative business projects.

26 oct. 2020 time:15:00 pm – 16:00 pm CET

Session 2: Woman STEM shifters in Western Balkans

Moderators: Mrs Majlinda Bregu. RCC Secretary General, and  Ms. Daniela Gasparikova, UNDP Resident Representative in Montenegro
Key Note speaker: Ms. Nina Angelovska,
Ms. Arta Shehu Zaimi, co-Founder of jCoders Academy and Labbox, Kosovo*
Ms. Vesna Crnojevic Bengin, cofounder BioSense Institute, Serbia
Ms. Maja Hadziselimovic, Robotics & Research engineer, supports the UN IT Girls Initiative and leads the Robotics Week in Bosnia and Herzegovina”
Ms. Anila Paparisto, Prof. Dr. Biologist and Professor of Invertebrate Zoology, University of Tirana

The panel of Women in STEM, was moderated by Ms. Maja Handjiska-Trendafilova, from RCC, and Ms. Daniela Gasparikova, from UNDP, with the presence of key note speaker Ms. Nina Angelovska and panelists Ms. Arta Shehu Zaimi, Ms. Vesna Crnojevic Bengin, Ms. Maja Hadziselimovic and Ms. Anila Paparisto.

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