Digital Skills and Youth was the main theme of 5th Western Balkans Digital Summit

During the first day of the Summit, two sessions and more than 5 side events took place in context of Digital Skills and Youth.

Now is the time!! That’s what our panelists have emphasized during the discussion “Accelerating digital skills through industry engagement”. Roberto Santolamazza has given us an idea to understand better and support innovation in companies. On the other hand Veronika Tasic Vusurovic, Gabriela Kostovska Bogoeska, Ivan Lupic, Valentina Radulovic and Zana Tabaku opened our eyes toward the power of the digital skills and why you shouldn’t focus only in technical skills.

Embracing Digital Education, another session topic brought the opportunity to open a discussion regarding digital education within panelists. Let’s use the internet in a genius way was their advise.

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