Digital Economy

Online Sessions

27 oct. 2020 time: 13:30 pm – 14:30 pm CET

Session 1: Building a Regional digital economy at the interplay of governments & businesses

This panel shall discuss the challenges of building a regional Digital Economy and successfully adopting data-driven business models and use cases to drive the region’s path towards the digital era. Against this background, the panel shall address the role of governments and businesses to ensure a Digital Economy that benefits consumers and creates economic prosperity in the region. Which political initiatives need to be tackled jointly and unilaterally by the local governments? What are the relevant regional and local obstacles? How can governments stimulate innovation in the region and where does the private sector come in? The panel will present best practice policies and regulations from Serbia and North Macedonia. The importance of the private sector for the development and progress of the digital economy in the region and new digital business models will be closely examined. Inputs will be also provided by the Chambers Investment Forum, the voice of the Western Balkan`s business community with strategies to influence policy-making.

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27 oct. 2020 time:14:45 pm – 15:30 pm CET

Session 2: Digital Transformation for the Public Sector and Innovative Practice (RESPA)

COVID-19 has strengthened digital transformation in public service delivery at the global scale. It has become clear the world needs to be using technology and digital tools to solve the large number of challenges we’re facing.  ReSPA, UNDP and NALAS have taken an active role in identifying the needs of their stakeholders in the situation of pandemic, produced different reports, organized several important online events and provided valuable and practical recommendations for the follow up.

Lightning talks, where the session moderator will curate speakers that will use storytelling to present their inspiration cases and share models and solutions for challenges identified. It will be used to brainstorm ways to tackle these challenges and explore concrete experiences and transferable best practices and solutions for transforming the Public Administration into more adaptable, resilient, open and connected at the local, national, regional and international level.

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27 oct. 2020 time:15:45 pm – 16:30 pm CEST

Session 2/1: Digital Economy:  Supporting growth in digital entrepreneurship/ “E-commerce in COVID-19 times: How can a regional e-commerce market help?”

E-Commerce has the potential to boost regional trade and significantly contribute to growth, job creation and strengthening of economic competitiveness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a boost of e-commerce activities worldwide and also in the wester Balkan region could be observed, the growth of private individual e-commerce transactions in North Macedonia increased by 99% as compared to March 2019. The participants will present and confront the views of the business sector, development institutions and policy makers. In particular, they will discuss need for action and ongoing initiatives from the private and the public sector in the region with regards to regulation and self-regulation.

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