Combating Fake News

Media in the Digital Age: Combating Fake News

WHEN: 19 April 2018, 15:00 – 16:30 hours

WHERE: Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje

The recent developments across the world as well as in Europe have raised the concerns over the phenomenon of “fake news”. In December 2016, the then-President of the European Parliament – Martin Schulz called for a European solution to the problem.

Following the European Commission’s initiative on combating fake news, a special session within the Western Balkans Digital Summit 2018 will be addressing the fake news phenomenon.

Under the umbrella of building regional consciousness of the challenges in the digital age, this session will bring together high-profile journalists and representatives from regional and global media as well as government representatives.

By hosting international and domestic experts in the field, the purpose of this session is to raise awareness of the fake news phenomenon and deliver a comprehensive overview of the shifting media landscape. The aim of this session is to define the actors’ responsibilities, while respecting the freedom of expression, media pluralism as well as the right of citizens to diverse and reliable information. Key players in the field will provide a value added advantage for identifying and prioritizing the key challenges for the era of democracy, and map the path towards a multi-stakeholder strategy in the fight against fake news of the Western Balkans.

Moderator of the Digital Talks: Mr. Nikola Dimitrov, Minister for foreign affairs of the Republic of Macedonia

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