Second day brought a very important discussion on “How to bring cutting edge infrastructure to the Western Balkans?”, from the Ministers of region and The World Bank

“How to bring cutting edge infrastructure to the western Balkans?”, was the center of today discussion between Jan Dröge, Nicole Klingen, Artane Rizvanolli, Admirim Aliti, Marash Dukaj, Enkelejda Muçaj and our guests. The conversation started with carefully carved thoughts on how to create a regulated environment where legal and political forces act to change regulations […]

Artane Rizvanolli, Minister of Economy in Kosova while her welcoming remarks, stressed the opportunity to discuss during these two days about the policy and practices, the work and challenges faced across the region

She emphasized that they wanted an unforgettable and productive experience, while making sure that the heart of the country and its potential is being revealed.“I look forward to the next two days and hope that the Summit will be an opportunity for all of us to discuss about: policy and practices; the work that we […]